A break from the routine

I love when God blesses us with opportunities to go away for a few days. Half-term has arrived and we are on our way to great adventures and lovely memory building opportunities.

Suitcases are packed. DVDs sorted. Books to read. Bibles to be closer to God. Wellies cleaned and dry. Food sorted and packed. Kids really excited and parents hoping for some relaxing time! I am always amazed at the amount of stuff we take on holiday! Maybe one day we will take only one suitcase!

I always have a little panic attack just before we leave thinking I have forgotten something important! My husband very kindly and lovingly always reminds me to calm down and that we can always buy whatever it is that we have forgotten!

I am not sure I will have internet connection this week, but if I do, I will not be posting every day, so, I hope everyone enjoys the break and have fun with your kids. If you will be having a normal week, then, make the most of it too!

God bless!

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