Very recently my son, 7, discovered he loves Tiramisu. If you know him well, you know he is a bit finicky about his food. When it comes to pudding, chocolate is the only thing he likes. So, I was really surprised when he decided to try it and then liked it! He loved it!

So, I have decided to find a recipe and make one for pudding on Sunday. To my surprise, it is amazingly easy to make. It was very hard to wait to try it. It was a success! Everyone enjoyed it!

As I was preparing it I was thinking about life in general and the amount of times we wish there was a recipe for things like raising children, or being a fantastic wife, or a successful person. We sometimes even wish we had a recipe to be a better Christian.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a recipe to raise children, or to be a fantastic wife or a successful person. I can tell you that reading and studying the Bible, getting to know God through Jesus is the closest thing to a perfect recipe to grow in our Christian life. Simple! All we have to do is follow it, be brave and try it!

I found that with recipes, sometimes, I am tempted to adapt it if I am short on some of the ingredients. The problem with that is sometimes it turns out ok and sometimes it is disastrous. So it is with our Christian lives. We can read and study the Bible in order to know God through Jesus, but if we try to adapt it to our liking, we will find the results will be different than what we expected. In order for it to be a perfect recipe it needs to be followed to the letter, and practiced time and time again.

I was very happy my son loved the Tiramisu I made and the smile on his face was priceless! So, I will be making it again soon! I hope and pray that my desiring to grow as a Christian will be stronger every day and that I will want to practice all the things I learn to the glory and honor of the Father.


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