Spiritual laziness!

I have been thinking about laziness lately and the consequences of it. When we are at school for example, and we understand everything and for whatever reason we decide to be lazy about our homework or the work we do in class and just do the bare minimum, the teacher will, most often, think we are unable to do or we are being just lazy. That is very frustrating!

Or if we are at home with lots of little jobs to do, just the normal cleaning and managing the home, and we decide to be lazy, and leave it until tomorrow. Well, we might feel momentarily better and rested, but when tomorrow comes, we will be stressed out trying to make sure everything is done. Or, if we don’t bother about it, the house will just be messy and dirty all the time.

If we are hungry but too lazy to go prepare food, or, even work for food, our bodies will perish. If we complain about others having a house and other comforts in life and we just sit around doing nothing we will never have anything.

When it comes to our Christian faith and growth if we are lazy we are not going to grow or produce fruit. We need to be prepared to do our best to practice all the principles and truths we learn about Jesus from the Bible. It is not enough to just hear about Jesus, we need to let Him rule our lives. We need to work really hard to become more and more like Him each and every day of our lives.

May our God and Father helps us to always desire to work hard in getting to know Him better!

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