A faulty boiler!

I had intended to write a post about Easter, which I will still do, but as we have a faulty boiler at the moment, I decided to write something else today. See, I had never really realized how much the lack of heating would affect our household. The house we rent is quite big and it takes ages to heat it anyway. Since we are having quite a cold spring, we still need the heating on and we still need hot water! We have had the plumber out a few times now, and  the problem is still there. It is very frustrating.

I started to think about my life and how sometimes I can be a faulty Christian… that is right. I get all excited about loving God and wanting to walk closer to Him and tell everyone about Him and I read the Bible, I go to all church meetings and I read Christian books and get my creative hat on to think about ways I can teach the kids about Him. I try to be an encouragement to my dear husband and all my friends. These things are all good things. They should be present in my life, but because I am trying to do all of this in my own strength, most of the time, I go into overheat mode. Just like our boiler. Then I go into a cooling period… kind of lose momentum… because I realise I can’t do all of those things on my own. I will never be able to.

I am very grateful for the way God teaches me, even through a faulty boiler. It appears to me I need to have some valves and some pumps changed and readjusted in my life so that I can try do all the good things that God would like me to do in His strength and not mine. I need to give every little detail of my day to Him and trust that He will help me out. I need to trust that HE has a perfect plan for everything, every day of my life.

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