Beautiful noise!

I love listening to an orchestra play! There is an interesting part of the musicians performance that is not very attractive though: the tuning of their instruments! When you are sitting there listening to all of them tuning their different instruments, the noise is awful! It is like a loud, confusing chaos! Then, the maestro, the conductor, taps his baton and immediately there is silence in the room. All eyes are on him. When he starts conducting all the chaos is gone and what is left is beautiful music! Every musician is attentive to the guidance of the conductor and the music fills the air!

In our walk with God, it is like that too. Sometimes it might seem all that is going on is tuning, and the noise produced sounds more like chaos. It is a beautiful noise preparing us for the part we have to play in God’s big orchestra! He is the great Maestro. The most amazing conductor ever seen and the music He directs is of indescribable beauty and complexity! He knows every note, tempo, dynamics and rhythm. HE composed and arranged the music! All we have to do as the “musicians” is keep our eyes on Him and follow His lead. Each one playing their part at the right time in harmony! When we do that, music fills our hearts and gives joy to those around us!

God bless!

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