knowing God’s will

How do we know if we are doing things in our lives according to God’s will? Have you ever wondered? Is it possible to know?

How do we know that the way we act in our day-to-day lives is pleasing to the King?

If we live our lives trying to hit the target, ie, God’s perfect will, and we miss it or get it wrong, then we create a series of events that will be all wrong. I never practiced archery, in fact, I am pretty bad even playing on the Wii, but for a minute, lets imagine that doing God’s will is a bit like trying to send an arrow to the centre of the target, only to realize that most of the time is not getting even close to the center. Sometimes it is not even hitting it at all. As it happens with archery, that can be very frustrating and even leave us filling guilty because we always fall short.

Now, lets imagine a Motorway. Here in England most Motorways have three or four lanes and barriers to separate the traffic going in opposite directions. God’s will is like that Motorway. It is covered by lanes of principles from His word. It is guarded by His Spirit to help us know what He wants for us. Christians are very much like a car on the Motorway, we are free to move through the lanes, provided we do not drive through the barriers.

For example: you are unemployed and have been offered two jobs: the first will give you £45,000 a year and the other will give you £70,000. So, do you take the bigger salary because God wants you to be rich or do you take the lower one because He wants you to be poor? Perhaps a better way to look at it would be: do any of these jobs make me do things that are not in line with God’s principles in the Bible?  Will I be required to lie? Or treat people in a rude way? Will I be breaking the law of the country? All of these are outside God’s principles. It is like we have broken the barrier in the centre and are now driving the wrong way.

Lets have another example: say you are a single woman and you want to marry someone. You have two very nice men you met and they could both be good husbands (bearing in mind they have to choose you as well). They are both Christians and are interested in marriage as well. You are free to choose. Get to know them and if one of them chooses you, you are a very blessed woman. Now, if you cross the barrier, say, meet someone who is not a Christian and want to marry him, then that is not God’s will. How do we know? The Bible tells us about it in the New Testament. Remember, God’s will is like the Motorway, and its lanes are covered by God’s principles we can find in the Bible.

How do we know God’s will then? We need to know Him better. To learn more about the principles in the Bible. Follow the principles and trust in Him because His will is perfect!

God bless!

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