4 types of heart


We don’t normally think about the types of heart people might have. Is there such thing as different hearts? I googled it and only found different types of heart diseases or heart attacks, heart blocks or heart failures. I didn’t find anything about different hearts as in the muscle that pumps the blood around our whole body.

The Bible speaks of different types of heart. Jesus once told a story about a farmer who sowed seeds. Some seeds fell along the path, some fell on rocky places, some fell among thorns and some fell in good soil. This story can be found in Matthew 13:3-9.

The places where the seeds fell represent people’s hearts. The first one hears God’s word but does not understand it. This heart is vulnerable to the attacks of the evil one who snatches that seed, or God’s word, away from that heart. The second one, receives God’s word with gladness in their hearts, but because it is in rocky ground it does not have deep roots and once the persecution starts, they let go of what they heard and don’t believe any more. Note, when we talk about persecution here, it might be as simple as being mocked by peers at school or at work for believing in Jesus. It does not necessary mean being put in prison because of His name. The third type of heart is that of a person that hears God’s word but is too preoccupied with the things of this life. It is a heart that is concerned and distracted by the wealth and riches of this world. So, those things stop this heart truly believing. The fourth and final type of heart is that of a person who hears God’s word and understands it. This heart not only understands it, but because it does, it produces fruit. It is someone who lives it out and therefore witnesses to other people.

Such a simple story but so rich! How many times have you been discouraged when telling people about God and the amazing love He showed us through Jesus and they simply do not get it or choose to ignore it? Jesus told us we would meet people like that. He also told us we would meet hearts that are good soil, so, do not be discouraged. Like with the farmer, our responsibility is to sow the seeds, God will prepare the soil.

Have a blessed week.

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