Photo album

Today is my daughter’s birthday! I can hardly believe she is 6! God is so good! She is such a delight to us and fills our lives with fun and happiness! This week I spent a long time looking through photos we have been taking all these years because I wanted to make a selection for a collage. It took me a long time to do that but it was so nice to remember each of those moments! It was almost as if I could hear the laughter, the noise or smell the baby skin, feel the cuddles and little hands on mine! I could even remember little details of the rooms or places we were in when the photos were taken. A love so immense that one might think it wouldn’t fit inside ones heart! What a precious gift! Memories stored through those images on my computer! Every time I look at them I can only thank God for his goodness and his love.

As I set out to school to collect the kids it occurred to me that the Bible is a bit like a photo album. It contains snippets of amazing story that God wrote even before time began. It is full of details to help us understand and remember the plan designed to rescue us through Jesus and his sacrifice on the cross. I love the fact we can open this incredible book and look through its pages and get all the details we need to live to please God.

The more I look at the photos on my computer, the more my heart rejoices in the Lord for He is the One who brought all this happiness to my life. It is the same with the Bible, the more I open it and read it, the more I recognize what God has done for me and in me. I am reminded of the times when I found comfort, security, joy, thankfulness and love.

Thank you Jesus for how you use small things to remind me each day of your presence in my life. Thank you for the beautiful photo album you have left us to help us look back and be prepared for a glorious future with you.

God bless!

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